Wie kann ich bei Cisco UCS basiereten Systemen Fehlermeldungen in VMware löschen?

Wie kann ich System Board Fehler unter VMware bei Cisco UCS Systemen zurücksetzen?

For those of you with this problem on Cisco UCS blades, just clear the SEL Log on the blade, and the warning will disappear.

To do that, after signing in to the Cisco UCS Manager:

  • Go to the Equipment tab and expand it
  • Expand the Chassis subheading
  • Expand the appropriate Chassis #
  • Expand Servers
  • Select the appropriate Server #
  • With the appropriate Server # highlighted, select the SEL Logs tab along the top
  • Click on the Clear button at the bottom of the page


I suspect the process will be somewhat similar for those on different hardware platforms;  the SEL Log will be cleared somewhere within your iLo / DRAC / CMC.


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